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Fluid Project Group was founded in 2018 to service the water infrastructure & flood industry. It was born of a team with vast industry experience and the ability to deliver complex projects for our clients.

Fluid & Yindi Group merged in 2019 to better strengthen our capabilities and support we offer our valued clients.


Fluid & Yindi Group specialise in project management, design, fabrication, installation & commissioning of a vast variety of specialised industry products.

Our mechanical engineering, production and fitting includes:

  • Pipe fabrication and welding; all pressures including field fit and onsite fabrications.

  • Mines: shutdowns, maintenance, management and labour supply.

Fluid Projects & Yindi Group Mission Statement

"Building the future of the

water, waste-water & flood Industries.

From design to construction & commissioning.

All whilst supporting the

community and the environment"

  • Pump stations, valving and instrumentation.

  • Aeration, UV, RO and chemical dosing systems.

  • Water and Sewage treatment plants; Package or Portional.

  • Civil, mining and industrial applications.

  • Flood barrier projects.

  • Project management.

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