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At Fluid Project Group, we specialise in providing comprehensive service and maintenance for flood barriers from AWMA (Australian Water Management Alliance).
Our team of skilled technicians and engineers are trained and experienced in ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your flood barriers.              

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We offer a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, including:

  • 1. Inspection and assessment: Our team conducts thorough inspections of your flood barriers to identify any signs of wear, damage, or potential issues. We utilize advanced techniques and equipment to assess the condition and effectiveness of the barriers.

  • 2. Repairs and refurbishments: If any damage or wear is identified during the inspection, we are equipped to carry out repairs and refurbishments to bring your flood barriers back to their optimal condition. Our technicians are skilled in working with AWMA barriers and can handle repairs efficiently

  • 3. Preventive maintenance: To minimize the risk of breakdowns and ensure the ongoing reliability of your flood barriers, we offer preventive maintenance services. This includes scheduled inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of components to keep the barriers operating smoothly.

  • 4. Emergency response: In the event of a flood or emergency situation, we provide rapid response services to address any issues with your flood barriers. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to emergency calls and take immediate action to mitigate potential flood damage.

  • 5. Documentation and reporting: We maintain detailed documentation of all services provided, including inspection reports, repair records, and maintenance schedules. This allows us to keep track of the condition of your flood barriers over time and provide you with comprehensive reports on their performance and maintenance history.

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