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The primary elements of Project Management are defined as the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and successfully concluding the work of a team to achieve specific client determined goals and meet specific criteria.


Any project, whether it is in the flood, water/wastewater industry or other sector, is a unique endeavour designed to produce a “one-off” result with a defined beginning and end undertaken to meet specific goals and objectives.


At Fluid & Yindi Group we are focused on the primary client objectives; being the achievement all of the project goals within the given constraints, usually time and cost. We at Fluid & Yindi Group pride ourselves on meeting the challenge of delivering on time and budget while maintaining the highest level of product quality and client engagement.


We approach our project management task by assigning an experienced and integrated team of industry professionals headed by one of our Project Managers who is specifically selected to suit the unique nature of each project and specific client needs.

Service's provided include:

  • Management of Projects; from inception to completion

  • Strategic Project Management

  • Procurement Strategy & Scope Development

  • Methodology & Risk Reviews

  • Commissioning

  • On-site Training

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