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Fluid & Yindi Group have a team of qualified tradesmen with years of industry experience.


We specialise in the installation, commissioning & servicing of all mechanical equipment required for water and wastewater treatment plants & flood mitigation.

Fluid & Yindi Group partner industry leading manufacturing companies including Xylem Water Solutions & AWMA Water Control Solutions. Often providing install, maintenance and training services for their clients on-site. 

Projects with AWMA include:  



Services we provide, target installations such as:

  • Flood barriers

  • Bulkheads & Penstocks

  • Inlet Works & Screenings

  • Sludge Handling

  • Aeration Systems

  • Pumps & Mixers

  • Blowers & Compressed Air

  • Clarifiers & Panel Tanks

  • Decanters

  • Ultra Violet Systems

  • Membrane Filtration

  • Desalination & RO

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